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hotel Obecná škola
Hotel Obecná škola

Hotel Obecná Škola is located in one of the most beautiful places in the Czech Republic and is part of several major hiking and biking trails. Has an extraordinary atmosphere, due to its location and history.

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Nameday has Casandra. Today is jasno jasno 5°C

Comfortable and modern rooms at a reasonable price offers. Private bathroom with shower, WC. TV and WIFI. Rooms are mostly double and triple. A total of 30 beds with possibility of extra beds and price adjustments for group accommodation.

Hotel has conference (training) room for about 35 people, with the possibility to connect the projector and WIFI. On the ground floor there is a restaurant with a lobby bar, 70 seats and an outdoor terrace with grill and a unique view of the surrounding countryside. The hotel has its own parking.


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Good restaurant with...

Our meals are prepared mainly from organic farm Velká Bukovina. We use ingredient e.g., milk, eggs, flour, cheese, ducks, roosters, rabbits, potatoes, onions, garlic and more. Therefore, it can sometimes happen that some of our meals, we have not, because some ingredient was not delivered because of  natural evolution. Our spice is just salt, pepper and fresh herbs.

In summer coke (1.5. – 30.9.)

Monday to Thursday from 11am to 6pm
Friday and Saturday longer to 10pm
on Sunday as the week to 6pm

In winter coke(1.10. – 30.4.)

Monday to Wednesday closed
Thursday from 11am to 6pm
Friday to 8pm, Saturday longer to 10pm
Sunday to 6pm

We are 100% non-smoking area (smoking is only allowed on the terrace).